Scholarship Application

Thank you for your service and interest in Battlefields 2 Ballfields.


  1. Scholarships are only awarded to first year officials.

  2. Only apply for the one sport that you are interested in applying for during that application period. As a scholarship is only for one sport. You can apply for additional sports after you receive your first scholarship.

  3. This application is for those that have NOT received a B2B Scholarship.

  4. B2B does not directly provide officiating training this will come from your local association.

  5. Please register with your local sports officiating association before or at time of applying for scholarship. Keep your receipts as we will reimburse you. Your uniforms and NASO membership we will directly pay for.

Eligible Sports & Application period

Volleyball & Football: May 1, 2019- September 1, 2019

Basketball: September 1, 2019- February 1, 2020

Soccer: November 1, 2019- March 1, 2020

Baseball & Softball: November 1, 2019 - February 1, 2020

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Scholarship is for one sport. These are the current sports we are accepting applications for. Please view application period at the top of this page.
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1st year officials only. B2B Scholarships are for those that have not officiated in specific sport of interest. Applicants that have officiated before will NOT be considered for a scholarship.
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