eligibility requirements

A person applying for a scholarship must be:

  • at least 18 years old

  • currently serving or have served in the United States military

  • must be living in the United States

  • first year official (not officiate before)

Please register with your local sports officiating association before or at time of applying for scholarship. Keep your receipts as we will reimburse you. Your uniforms (we have our preferred supplier) and NASO membership we will directly pay for.

We use id.me to verify military status. Please click on id.me to verify your military status after successful completion you will then be able to start the B2B application proccess.

Scholarship Details

B2B scholarship is for 3 years

1st year includes:

  1. Complete essential uniform items for the sport you receive scholarship for

  2. Local officiating dues

  3. NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership which includes, comprehensive liability insurance coverage, a full subscription to Referee Magazine special discounts at hotels and uniform suppliers (10% off ump-attire). Visit: www.naso.org/member-benefits for all of the benefits.

  4. Get it Right (football only)

2nd & 3rd year includes: Local officiating dues & NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership

B2B does not directly provide officiating training this will come from your local association.

B2B Scholarship period.png